The Trusted Local Senior Home Care Agency

Scott Boyle was born and raised in the Sudbury and North Shore area of Elliot Lake. Having a strong foundation in the community, he can see and understand what the short falls are.
Guardian Caregiving Ltd. was created for the people of Sudbury and Canada. Guardian is here to work within your budget and give you options that you will not have access to when only using the government system.
It’s all about the care of our loved ones, and just as important, the supporters of the loved one. This company was created with the influence of my mom. Being a strong advocate and supporter of home care, she praised the industry to the fullest extent. However, there is an extreme shortfall and for some reason, a level of political influence that should not be involved when the elderly is considered.
I am proud to say we think outside the box, and we look after each an every one of our clients. Not patients, but clients. We want to help them live again and put that dignity back into their retirement.
This can be a stressful time for all involved. Allow us at Guardian to help you through those stressful time and create a program that is right for your loved one and the family.