At Guardian Caregiving we like to keep the public informed on what we stand for – the safety of all our staff and clients. Due to the growing concern with COVID-19, we understand that many individuals may be hesitant about getting the care they need. Rest assured, we exceed provincial and federal guidelines to ensure a safe environment for our staff and patients.

Our COVID-19 Response

Guardian Caregiving prioritizes patient and staff health and safety. We go above and beyond provincial and federal COVID-19 regulations to create a clean and safe environment for our patients. We are open and providing personal care and home assistance for our esteemed clients.

We’re taking the necessary steps to minimize transmission, so you can get the care you need. Our COVID-19 response includes:

  • Gloves use
  • Masks use by all staff members and patients
  • Hand sanitizer use
  • Proper social distancing measures

We kindly ask that when visiting you observe proper social distancing and wear a mask, if possible.

Covid-19 Safety Tips

Additionally, we’re providing resources to help our clients adjust to these changing times. Please feel free to download one or both of the PDF’s for your reference. We want to make sure that everyone is being safe at this time in our lives.

It only takes 90 days to form a habit. If we do all these practices, like washing our hands or even using hand sanitizer, our way of life will be nothing but better in the future. All viruses will be reduced and the common cold won’t be around as much. Being clean is being healthy!

Have Questions About Our COVID-19 Response?

Our professionals are standing by to answer your questions and concerns. For more information, contact our team today. Together we can stop the spread.


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