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Providing Home Personal Care in Sudbury, The Valley, and Surrounding Areas

We know that home care can require very specific needs to be met, and the condition your loved one is dealing with requires a unique approach to care. We have a team of professionals that have experience dealing with a wide range of conditions and ailments and are able to handle any challenge that might present itself. We go into greater detail for each condition below.


We know that having Alzheimer’s can be frustrating, this is why we take every precaution by scheduling and establishing a daily routine. You may find that tasks may take longer than they used to, so we schedule more time for your loved ones. Our professionals are trained to involve the patient and provide choices for them. We have observed through experience that if we provide simple choices and instructions, this reduces distraction, sadness, confusion, worry, fear, and anxiety. Our caregivers are experts, trained in all 7 stages of Alzheimer’s.


At Guardian Caregiving, our caregivers help and support people with dementia by setting a positive mood for interaction. We understand that getting the person’s attention is very important to relay a message clearly, we keep it simple by breaking down any activities into a series of steps. It is all about listening with our ears, eyes, and our hearts.

Palliative Care

We put an emphasis on “care” for someone who needs Palliative Care, which improves the quality of life of our patients and their families. We understand a life-threatening illness can turn their world upside down. This is why we believe in providing relief from pain and other distressing symptoms. We try to affirm life and regard dying as a normal process, neither hasten nor postpone death. We try to integrate all aspects of patient care that is needed and offer a support system to help live as actively as possible.


A cancer diagnosis can be devastating emotionally, physically, and financially. Depending on your loved one’s overall health and response to treatment, our team will develop a care plan with the family and ensure the care plan is always met.

Parkinson’s / ALS / MS

Our main goal for someone who has Parkinson’s / ALS or MS is to maximize the quality of life by managing the symptoms and slowing the progression of the disease. With Parkinson’s being patient is the key. For ALS it is all about assisting with aspects of daily life. For MS, it is to provide that companionship and demonstrate the love and commitment in his or her greatest times of need.

Post Operative Care

Guardian post-operative care services focus on patient care after a surgical procedure. The type of post-operative care depends on the type of surgery the person may have, as well as the person’s health history. Our services often include but are not limited to, pain management and wound care, following all instructions by their doctor, reminding and keeping all follow-up appointments, preventing infections, hydration and diet maintenance and caring for incisions the right way.

Personal Hygiene

We understand that maintaining personal hygiene is crucial to a person’s quality of life, dignity, and beyond. Good hygiene not only keeps you healthy but also prevents illnesses and infections from bacteria and viruses. Our services consist of but not limited to; toilet hygiene, shower hygiene, nail hygiene, teeth hygiene, and illness hygiene.

Mobility Assistance

Having some or no mobility can be very frustrating. Our goal is to make getting around easier for your loved ones and increase the quality of life for seniors with physical and mobility challenges. Our services include but are not limited to: transferring or lifting into or out of bed, mobility assistance with movement throughout their home, and assisting them with light exercises like short walks in their neighborhood or park.

Medication Reminders

Taking medication is very important to one’s health. Remembering to take the right medication at the right time can often be daunting and confusing. We take scheduling very seriously, reminding the person about their medication, and to have a routine plan in place. You can rest assured your loved one is receiving the attention and the support they need to take their medications on time, every time.

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