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We know that it can be overwhelming to welcome a stranger into the home. Because of that, we train our professionals not just on high-quality care but on interpersonal relationships as well. We customize our care services specifically tailored to fully meet the needs of your loved one. We offer flexible options of care depending on the needs of your family.



Leisure Services

Participating in leisure and activities can help you better manage stress and reduce depression. Leisure provides you the chance to find balance in your life; it also puts you in control of how you're spending your time, which is an important consideration because you may feel overwhelmed by obligations. Leisure care services can consist of but are not limited to, walking, just sitting and talking, shopping, going to the park, inviting friends over, playing games such as chess, playing cards or any board games, reading a book attending any family ceremonies or attending any functions in the city. There is way too many to list, what ever leisure time or activities that may be needed, we can and will accommodate.

Medicial Appointments & Pick up

At Guardian, we become that personal assistant for your loved ones. We are on top of all medical appointments, hence we would remind and if needed take them to any and all medical appointments like Doctors appointment, chiropractor and or physiotherapist, to name a few. We also would assist in medication pick up as well. We would keep a daily log on the medication so when it is almost time for a refill, we would pick up the medication before it runs out.

Home Support Care

House Keeping

Having someone to help on the daily house chores can somewhat ease for an individual. Having a clean house eliminates any allergies someone may have and any bacteria that can easily settle in the house. A clean, tidy home also minimizes any injuries by not having items scattered around that could potentially result in someone tripping and falling over. Our housekeeping services can be but not limited to laundry, washing the dishes, vacuuming, dusting and putting away things. We also do offer a thorough housekeeping if needed, please contact us for more details.

Meal Planning / Preparation

With the coordination from the family and the nutritionist, along with the health history of the person, we would have a proper healthy meal plan in place. Having all the information from the family, the nutritionist and the health history ensures us that we do not compromise your loved one’s health, after all the best person(s) to assist in preparing a meal plan is the family. They would know what food they like and do not like. With the assistance of the family we are confident of our plan and prepare each and every meal or snack with care and love.


If you or your loved one is in need of caregiving services, we encourage you to reach out for a complimentary Strategy session so we can customize an appropriate plan of care.

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